Quote :: Eternity

"Today is mine. Tomorrow is none of my business. If I peer anxiously into the fog of the future, I will strain my spiritual eyes so that I will not see clearly what is required of me now." - Elisabeth Elliott in Keep a Quiet Heart

"It is precisely because of the eternity outside time that everything in time becomes valuable and important and meaningful. Therefore, Christianity…makes it of urgent importance that everything we do here (whether individually or as a society) should be rightly related to what we eternally are. 'Eternal life' is the sole sanction for the values of this life. - Dorothy L. Sayers in Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul" - Christianity Today: Oct. 6, 1997

"Although the threads of my life have often seemed knotted, I know, by faith, that on the other side of the embroidery there is a crown." - Corrie Ten Boom in My Heart Sings

"A pastor was preaching on going to heaven. He said, 'How many of you would like to go to heaven tonight?' And everybody raised their hands but a little boy in the balcony. He tried again, 'How many of you would like to go to heaven?' Everybody but that one little fellow in the balcony. So he said to him, 'Son, don't you want to go to heaven?' The little boy said, 'Yeah, someday, but I thought you were gettin' up a load right now.'" - James Hewett, Illustrations Unlimiteda


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