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There is plenty of room for cultural diversity in the world, but not within a single country. A Tower of Babel has not culture. One cannot be a Christian one day, a pagan the next and a Muslim the day after. A hodgepodge of cultural and religious values provides no basis for law-except the raw power of the pre-Christian past. All Americans have a huge stake in Christianity. Whether or not we are individually believers in Christ, we are beneficiaries of the moral doctrine that has curbed the power and protected the weak." -Paul Craig Roberts (December 29, 1999)

"The nation's problems are not the result of too much religion practiced too fervently, but of too little religion practiced infrequently." -Cal Thomas

"Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words." -Francis of Assisi

"Christianity can be condensed into these words: submit, commit, transmit." -Wilberforce

"If your religion does not change you, then you should change your religion." - Elbert Hubbard

"To refer to oneself as a black Christian, white Christian, Mexican Christian, or Chinese Christian is technically incorrect. Our Christianity should never be modified by our culture. Our Christianity should modify our culture. We must see ourselves as Christian blacks, Christian whites, Christian Mexicans, or Christian Chinese. The Bible teaches…that we are Christians who may happen to be black, white, brown, or yellow. If anything changes, it is to be our cultural orientation, not our Christianity." -Tony Evans in 'Good News", November/December 1996

"Let's study the doctrines and be serious about it and look at the Bible not so much for what God is going to give us with a magic wand as for what we're going to be able to do as members of the Kingdom of God to serve that Kingdom." - Anonymous

"Many Christians feel more comfortable with the idea that apart from Christ they can do nothing, than they do with the other side of that coin: that they can do all things through Him who strengthens them. "I can do nothing" lets me off the hook; "I can do all things" makes me wonder why I'm not doing anything. It's easier to piddle around wondering whether it's God's will that you rent this apartment or that one, than it is to face up to God's ultimate will for you: that you become conformed to the image of His Son." - John Boykin in The Gospel of Coincidence

"So much so-called "testimony" today is really autobiography and even sometimes thinly disguised self-advertisement, that we need to regain a proper biblical perspective. All true testimony is testimony to Jesus Christ, as he stands on trial before the world." - John Stott in Authentic Christianity

"Press attention has been to stereotype all Christians as flamboyant frauds. Current caricature of Christian leaders is unfair and untrue." - Charles Colson

"A woodpecker tapped with his beak against the stem of a tree just as lightning struck the tree and destroyed it. He flew away and said, "I didn't know there was so much power in my beak!" When we bring the Gospel there is a danger that we will think or say, "I have done a good job." Don't be a silly woodpecker. Know where your strength comes from. It is only the Holy Spirit who can make a message good and fruitful." - Corrie Ten Boom in Each New Day

"The distinctive messages of the world's various religions and philosophies have been epitomized as follows. Greece said, "Be wise, know yourself." Rome said, "Be strong, acquit yourself." Confucianism says, "Be superior; correct yourself." Shintoism says, "Be loyal; suppress yourself." Buddhism says, "Be disillusioned; annihilate yourself." Hinduism says, "Be absorbed; merge yourself." Mohammedanism says, "Be submissive; yield yourself." Judaism says, "Be holy, conform yourself." Modern psychology says, "Be self-confident; fulfill yourself." Modern materialism says, "Be acquisitive, enjoy yourself." Modern Communism says, "Be collective, secure yourself." But in characteristic contrast to all these, Christianity says, "BE CHRISTLIKE; GIVE YOURSELF FOR OTHERS." JESUS IS LORD!" - J. Sidlow Baxter

"Church has to be more than warming pews and occupying pulpits. God intended it to be a corporate reflection of what life in Christ is all about. Until this happens, we should not wonder that the world hardly notices us. Until we reflect the real, spontaneous, authentic life in Christ, we will be little more than saints frozen in time." - Joseph M. Stowell

"Too much of our orthodoxy is correct and sound, but like words without a tune, it does not glow and burn; it does not stir the heart; it has lost its hallelujah. One man with a genuine glowing experience with God is worth a library full of arguments." - Vance Havner

"You cannot have Christian principles without Christ." - D.L. Sayers

"Christians are in an awkward intermediate stage in Western culture: having once been culturally established, they are not yet clearly disestablished. This helps make liberalism attractive, since it keeps people vaguely related to the church. Through translation, we attempt to show that Christians are really interested in what interests "the best" in our culture. We translate Christian eschatological hopes into Marxist revolutionary ones, or we translate salvation into self-fulfillment. Our bishops speak out on "important issues," showing society that the church cares about the same things society cares about -- and in the same way. We keep people interested in the church even though they no longer worship its God." - William H. Willimon in The Christian Century, Jan. 28, 1987

"I spent sometime today with a fellow I admire very much. He doesn't drink alcoholic beverages, nor use tobacco in any form. I never heard him gossip or tell a lie. He doesn't patronize the road houses, or theaters or dance halls. I can't recall him ever resorting to cursing or blasphemy, profanity or obscenity. I never heard of him cheating another in a business deal. By some folks' standards we could call him a "good Christian." But I think you ought to know that I have been describing my dog. Which is all to say that being a "good Christian" involves infinitely more than having a list of things one does not do. "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ..." (Rom. 13:14) is the scriptural admonition." - J. Douthitt


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