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"I don't know of any other profession in which it is quite as easy to fake it as in ours. [We can do it] by adopting a reverential demeanor, cultivating a stained glass voice, slipping occasional words like 'eschatology' into conversation - not enough to confuse people, but enough to keep them aware that our habitual train of thought is a cut above the pew level...Without [prayer, Scripture study, and spiritual direction], there can be no substance - without these practices, the best of talents and best of intentions cannot prevent a thinning out into a life that becomes mostly impersonation." - Eugene Peterson (quoted in Pastor's Weekly Briefing, Feb. 28, 1997, page 1)

"You are the custodian of the most important information in the world. You are a specialist in what God has to say to people through the Bible. Your divine calling far supercedes all other professions. Your presence and impact have eternal consequences in the world. What you say is in God's name and for His sake." - Henry Blackaby, Power of the Call

"Jesus already died for your congregation. If that isn't good enough for them, ain't no point in you dying, too." - Tony Evans

"It's not in the nature of the shepherd to produce sheep. It's in the nature of sheep to produce sheep. It's in the nature of the shepherd to equip, to train, to care for, and to provide for the sheep." - W. G. Robertson, retired pastor, Southside Baptist Church, Monroeville

"When are you most likely to face temptation?' Of course those surveyed, 81% said it was when they have not spent much time with God; 57% when they have not had enough rest; 45% when life is difficult; 42% during times of change; 37% after a significant spiritual victory. It seemed to me these figures profiled a substantial number of the pastors I meet along the way. Today, I heard of two more of our colleagues who yielded to temptation and failed morally, and it reminded me to remind you to 'Flee the evil desires, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart' (2 Timothy 2:22). Read the list again and see if it does not represent your danger zone. There is a 'new wind' blowing amidst the church and those who lead her, and, with it, Satan stirring to prevent the Spirit's outpouring. Let us not be guilty of 'putting out the Spirit's fire' through our own moral and relational weakness." - H. B. London, Jr.

"The task of pastoral ministry is, above all else, to arrange the contingencies for an encounter with the Divine." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Spiritual Care

"Loving the people and maintaining the heart of a servant is the basis for all that the pastor does. - Warren Wiersbe (quoted in 'Bibliotheca Sacra', Oct-Dec 1997, page 507)

"The Christian Ministry is the worst of all trades, but the best of all professions." - Pastor John Newton, who wrote the words to 'Amazing Grace' (quoted in Power for Living, Aug. 31, 1997, page 8)

"One of the things that amazes me is the expectation by churches for the perfect pastor. Of course, the only one to have existed was the Good Shepherd (pastor) Jesus Christ, and they crucified Him. I thought of these things when I learned that a very superior pastor had to leave his church. He was remarkably able, but not too versatile, but what pastor can meet all needs? What churches need are not pastors to please them, but men who please God." -R.J. Rushdoony (In Chalcedon Report, Mar 1996, page 32)


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