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Bible Software is available from a number of companies and publishers. I would encourage you to check out and compare these and find the one that works best for you. Most of my friends use Parsons or Logos. I own at least three of these, but I work mostly in one. For me, PC Study Bible is the easiest for me to use. You search for yourself and decide.

Baker Bytes - Baker Digital Reference Library- www.bakerbooks.com/bytes

BibleSoft - PC Study Bible - www.biblesoft.com

Epiphany Software - Bible Explorer - www.epiphanysoftware.com

Findex.com - QuickVerse - www.parsonschurch.com

Hermeneuti ka - BibleWorks - www.bibleworks.com

iExalt Electronic Publishing - WORDsearch - www.WORDsearchBible.com

Logos Research Systems - www.logos.com

Oak Tree Software - Accordance - www.oaksoft.com

Silver Mountain Software - Bible Windows - www.silvermnt.com

Thomas Nelson - Nelson Electronic Bible Reference Library - www.nelsondirect.com

Zondervan - NIV Bible Library - www.zondervansoftware.com

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