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"The love for our enemies takes us along the way of the cross and into fellowship with the Crucified. The more we are driven along this road, the more certain is the victory of love over the enemy's hatred. For then it is not the disciple's own love, but the love of Jesus Christ alone, who for the sake of his enemies went to the cross and prayed for them as he hung there."
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"God wants us to have love. We must be careful not to settle for sex."
--Max Anders

"The one who loves Biblically is no Pollyanna; he recognizes the waywardness of the heart. However, he also recognizes God's power to change the same heart. Love is anchored ultimately in God, not in a rose-tinted view of the innate virtue of others."                                       
--Doug McIntosh, The Golden Rule - Love Full Circle, p. 44

"Christian love draws no distinction between one enemy and another, except that the more bitter our enemy's hatred, the greater his need of love."                                                                   
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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