Front Page :: Volume 07, Issue 13

Doug Marlette
Michael Catt

My friend Doug Marlette was killed in a car crash on July 10th, 2007. Doug and I would not have always agreed theologically, but I appreciated his work. His humor was biting at times. He took shots at fundamentalists, the Pope, politicians and Muslims.
Doug once said, "I have vast experience upsetting people with my art." In addition to his political cartoons, his comic strip "Kudzu" was featured in papers across the country. His depiction of a cast of Southern characters, including the famously funny, Rev. Will B. Dunn, provided me with laughs on a daily basis.
I had the privilege of being in Doug's home in North Carolina a few years ago as well as corresponding by email off-and-on since that time. We even talked a few book ideas on ministry using Will B. Dunn cartoons. If you can find them, get his collection of cartoons. They will make you laugh, cry and think.
I, for one, will miss Doug. He was one of a kind. He was born, and he died, an original.

Life Sentences

Pray for Warren Wiersbe as he continues to work on new books. If you don't have his newest book, Life Sentences, you can get it by clicking here. We are all grateful for his great mind and for the wisdom he has shared with us in nearly 200 books. Let's pray for many, many more.

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