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Sermon Outline :: Ask For a Mountain

by Vance Havner

“Caleb was eighty-five years old and he wholly followed the Lord his God” (Josh. 14:8).
1. He carried out a purpose. He was not following with ifs, reservations and provisos, with one hand behind his back and fingers crossed; all of him was going in one direction.

2. He claimed a promise. God had promised him a mountain, and now he was laying claim to it.
3. He counted on a presence. If the Lord will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out (Josh 14:12). This if is not an if of doubt, but of humility. He does not claim victory because he is brave or because he has wholly followed the Lord, but if God be with me.
4. He conquered a possession , and it became Hebron, the city of refuge. 
   --There was a quest: He wholly followed God.
   --There was a request: Give me this mountain.
   --There was a conquest: He took the mountain.
   --There was a bequest: Hebron became his inheritance.
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