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Sermon Outline :: The Only Question That Matters - Is God Pleased?

by Michael Catt
Isaiah 1:12-17
I.        For many, the issue is not worship, but defending false worship.
          a.       Some are guilty of the worship of Cain.
          b.       Some are guilty of Samaritanism.
          c.       Some are guilty of worshiping tradition.
          d.       Some are guilty of soulish worship that is not spiritual.
          e.       Some are guilty of worshiping preferences and styles.
“I am not saying we must all worship alike. The Holy Spirit does not operate by anyone’s preconceived idea or formula. But this I know: when the Holy Spirit of God comes among us with His anointing, we become a worshiping people. God is trying to call us back to that for which He created us, to worship Him and to enjoy Him forever.” - A. W. Tozer
II.       For God, the issue is the heart.
“The law contains no command to pray, and, with the exception of Deuteronomy 26, no form of prayer. Praying is so natural to man as man, that there was no necessity for any precept to enforce this, the fundamental expression of the true relation to God. The prophet comes to prayer last of all, so as to trace back their sham-holiness, which was corrupt even to this, the last foundation, to this real nothingness.” - Adam Clarke
III.      The kind of worship that pleases God.
          a.       The insanity of idolatry.
          b.       The indwelling God who welcomes our worship.
                    i.      Worship is a vertical conversation with God, not a horizontal conversation about God.
                   ii.      He is both transcendent and imminent.
          c.       The nature of heart worship is sacrifice.
The essence of the sacrifice God wants is self. (Romans 12:1-2)
Romans 1         the sinfulness of man
Romans 2         the righteousness of God
Romans 3         the unrighteousness of all mankind
Romans 4         righteousness is by faith
Romans 5         we are justified by faith
Romans 6         we have died to sin and are alive to God
Romans 7         the justified still have an ongoing struggle with sin
Romans 8         we live and overcome in the power of the Spirit

(This sermon was taken from a series called The Heart of Worship)
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