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Quote :: Ethics

"Instead of truth, our culture is being stuffed with artful falsehoods…One such falsehood is associated with the word 'choice'. Are you pro-abortion? Of course not. No one, not even President Clinton or the head of Planned Parenthood, favors abortion, but they are 'pro-choice'... In other areas, however, such as cigarette smoking or the desire of the state of Virginia to have an all-male military school, choice loses all its power. It is not choice but falsehood that reigns."

"The concept of same-sex marriage is (also) an artful falsehood. Of course, a court...can declare such a union to be legally marriage, just as it could conceivably declare all dogs to be legally cats, but this falsehood would not help the pooches to climb trees. "

"It is not polite to call a lie a lie or a liar a liar, but unless and until each Christian is willing to rise up against falsehood, we shall continue to live in bondage to enslaving illusions." - Harold O. J. Brown in 'Current Thoughts and Trends', January 1997

"Divorced from ethics, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique." - James MacGregor Burns

"Nearly two in three adults believe ethics 'vary by situation' or that there is no 'unchanging ethical standard of right and wrong.' Among those in the 18-34 age group, 79% said they hold to the view that ethics change based on the situation. USA Today, 4/29/97"

"Once you get rid of ethics the rest is a piece of cake." - J. R. Ewing


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