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Book Review :: Executive Influence, Christopher Crane & Mike Hamel

Executive Influence: Impacting Your Workplace for Christ by: Christopher Crane and Mike Hamel, is an outstanding book for the Christian businessman today. Every pastor should want every Christian businessman in the church to read this book. Crane and Hamel present the simple truths about who Christians are to be in the workplace.

Workplace ministry is proving to be a vital area of ministry that helps grow the local church. Executive Influence helps the businessman understand the " you go..." of the Great Commission. This book is a quick read and highly valuable in just the bold type statements and the impact suggestions, alone. The book features "Your Turn" at the end of each chapter for suggestions to help the business leader realize how to begin impacting the workplace for Christ.

All the chapters in Executive Influence are noteworthy, dealing with stewardship in business, living out one's faith in front of co-workers rather than preaching at them and even the rights and responsibilities of Christians in the workplace. The authors are careful to remind the reader not to water down the gospel but to present the gospel in a practical way that people in the workplace realize that Jesus makes a difference in daily life including work matters.

In a culture where people spend most of their time and energy at work, Executive Influence gives the message that everyone needs to hear about reaching people with the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If every Christian business leader would read this book and act on the ideas and principles of this book, our churches would be overflowing with people wanting to know more about Jesus. This is a must read for every Christian business leader and pastor.

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