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Quote :: Compromise

"We have a Christianity without the 'cup' and the cross, a line-of-least-resistance faith." - Charles Stanley

"Berkeley church seeks minister for local nondenominational congregation. Position open to Christians and non-Christians." - from a classified ad in Christian Century, Nov. 6, 1996.

"Christianity in modern America is, in large part, innocuous. It tends to be easy, upbeat, convenient, and compatible. It does not require self-sacrifice, discipline, humility, an other-worldly out-look, a zeal for souls, a fear as well as love of God." - Thomas Reeves (quoted in Servant, Winter 1997, page 2)

"When the church accommodates worldly culture, it deserves both the internal decay and external contempt it suffers." - Andrew Sandlin (in "Chalcedon Report", Sept. 1997, page)

"Compromise does not seem to be as objectionable to Southern Baptists when it is practiced by one's friends. And, we Southern Baptists can often be so excited and gratified by our personal participation in events, that we are no longer as willing to confront the compromised process with the passion with which we confronted it when we were not participants."- James L. Holly, M.D.

"Be on your guard against the tendency of this generation to paste a piece of blank paper over all the threatenings of the Bible." - A. Maclaren

"If you don't entertain - you can't communicate." - Rick Hughes

"In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock." - Thomas Jefferson

"The 'fifth gospel, the book of Ego,' …'We attempt to make Jesus' gospel a little more palatable. We live like we have a conviction that He really didn't mean us to take Him so seriously, like we're trying to improve on what He taught. That's the number one temptation for the rest of our life, doing only what we like.'" - Anonymous

"Powerlessness = worldly compromise." - Anonymous

"Once we assuage our conscience by calling something a 'necessary evil,' it begins to look more and more necessary and less and less evil." - Anonymous

"Everything is WRONG that is ALMOST RIGHT." - Anonymous

"For the past 30 years the Church has consistently taken her behavioral cues from the world, often putting Christian labels on popular trends. Many in both the Church and the secular society in America ended the 60s with this conclusion: society's evil seems surmountable and my ideals could not be made tangible by my efforts. We were externally strong and internally weak." - Anonymous


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