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Calendar :: Volume 03, Issue 05

March 18

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) formed, 1949.

March 21

  • On this day, the U.S. Government closed the island prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, after 30 years as an icon of both law enforcement and gangster movies, 1963.

March 23

  • On this day, President Ronald Reagan first proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative, the concept of using space weaponry to intercept enemy missiles, which opponents labeled "Star Wars," 1983.

March 26

  • Commercial motion picture film was first manufactured, 1885.
  • Dr. Jonas P. Salk announced a polio vaccine, 1953.

March 27

  • Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon first sighted Florida, 1512.
  • President George Washington signed an act to build a U.S. Navy, 1794.
  • The first long-distance telephone call was made between Boston and New York, 1884.

March 30

  • The eraser-topped lead pencil was patented, 1858.
  • President Reagan was shot and injured outside Washington, D.C., hotel, 1981.

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