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Odds-n-Ends :: The Preacher's Mandate

Pray as though nothing of eternal value is going to happen unless God does it.

Prepare as giving "my utmost for his highest."

Seek not to 'get a message' from the scripture, but seek 'the message' of the scripture. Be satisfied not with producing good content, but with producing good people.

Attend carefully to private and public walk with God, knowing the congregation never rises to a standard higher than that being lived by the preacher.

Be "persuaded that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation."

"Preach the word" - not about the word, not from the word, not with the word -affirming it is only proclamations of God's word that carry God's authority and his promise to bless.

Exalt Christ preeminently, trusting he will then draw people to himself.

Balance declarations of "salvation by faith alone" with declarations describing the life Christ produces when he sees saving faith: transformed heart, desire to serve the Lord not self, growing affection for his word, increasing obedience, fruit of the Spirit, saltiness in society, maturing Christlikeness.

Depend solely upon God for translation of spiritual truth into life.

Preach Christ's word in Christ-like demeanor.

Agree it is impossible at one and the same time to impress people with Christ and with oneself.

Allow the preaching to exude the fruit of the Spirit, lest the preaching fail to produce Christ-like lives.

Preach with humble gratitude, as one privileged to be an oracle of God.

Trust God to produce in the hearers his chosen purposes-irrespective of whether the results are readily visible.

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