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Odds-n-Ends :: You May Be a Pastor's Wife If...

(as seen in Rev Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006)
·              You’ve been introduced as, “This is Pastor Smith’s wife, What’s-Her-Face.”
·              You’re consistently the last one out of the church building.
·              You’ve caught your preschoolers finishing off the leftover communion cups.
·              Your new outfit on Sunday gets talked about at the next women’s Bible study.
·              People come to you to offer “constructive criticism” of the pastor.
·              You’re expected to run the sound and lighting equipment and have a clean van in good repair with the tank filled always ready to go.
·              People look at you when the pastor tells a story about the family.
·              You can’t slip into church late and go unnoticed.
·              It’s 10 p. m. and you’re worried because your spouse is still at the church board meeting.

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