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Book Review :: Unceasing Worship,, Harold M. Best

Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts

InterVarsity. Why another book on worship? This one has a slightly different take on the subject. The author addresses common misunderstandings about the use of music and offers correctives toward a more biblically consistent practice of artistic actino. Robert Webber says, "I am particularly attracted to the theological development of continuous outpouring. That the triune God continually outpours toward creatures and creation, and we to him, breaks new ground." Michael Card says, "I have struggled alone all my life trying to understand what it is God wants of me when he calls me to worship. Harold Best has emerged from a din of voices to let us know we are not alone in our struggle to understand what worship demands, asks for and is." This book should be in the library of every pastor and minister of music who is serious about thinking through the subject of worship.

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