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Quote :: Patience

"In an era when many of us feel that time is our scarcest resource, hospitality falters... 'In a fast-food culture,' a wise Benedictine monk observes, 'you have to remind yourself that some things cannot be done quickly. Hospitality takes time.'" - Dorothy C. Bass, Receiving the Day

"God, who foresaw your tribulation, has specially armed you to go through it, not without pain but without stain." - C. S. Lewis in Letters of C. S. Lewis

"You can accomplish almost anything if you have patience. You can even carry water in a sieve if you wait until it freezes." - Source unknown

"The average person becomes visibly agitated after waiting 40 seconds for an elevator." - Harper's Index, February 1997

"Patience is a virtue praised by many, possessed by few and sought only occasionally. We pray and want an immediate response. We either do not know or do not care that God has ordained that when and how our prayers will be answered are decisions which belong to Him alone. God may delay in coming, but He never comes too late. And God may send an answer to prayer by wrapping it in a package we do not recognize. Many of us are impatient and fret anxiously either because we do not recognize the answer God sends or because it does not come at a time we think it should. There are occasions when we must wait for God. His time schedule is not ours. But though the waiting seems long, the outcome is certain. Nobody who bides God's time will ever be disappointed. "- Source Unknown


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