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Odds-n-Ends :: Church Roles

Mt. Saint Helens Baptist Church, Do Nothing, Georgia with Rev. I.M. Frustrated, Pastor

Clyde Coldwater - Chairman of Growth Committee actually views most prospects as suspects

Warren Wetblanket-Church Growth Committee member with his buddy, Fred Foul-Up, "My, wasn't that a hard hill to climb on our two-seater bike! Fred Foul Up replies "Yes, and if I hadn't kept my foot on the brake, we might have rolled backwards a time or two!

Rita Reluctant - will go along "If I have to"

Frances Fizzleout, likes to be in on the initial stages of planning only

Henry Historian - "Remember what happened last time we tried that"

Doris Diehard - "Lets do it the way we always have!!"

Carol Cautious - "Are you sure we can afford this?"

Wanda Whoneedit - "That's fine for other churches, but not for us!"

Harry Hesitant - "I'm just not certain; let's pray about it and try it next year'

Sam Sidetracked - Say, that reminds me of....

Non residents: Alibi Art, Bottleneck Bertha, Sourpuss Samantha, Gossip Greta and the list goes on...

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