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Book Review :: Witness To The Gospel, I. H. Marshall , D.P. Petersen

(Eerdmans) is a collection of twenty-five essays on the theology of the Book of Acts and what it should mean to the witnessing church today. If you want to get beneath the surface of the Book of Acts, this is the place to start. This is not a book to speed read; plan to spend months with it and expect to be stretched. It will probably so excite you that you'll start thinking about preaching a series from Acts.

One of our finest young pastor/scholars is Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr., a former instructor in Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL), and now Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. His book When God Comes To Church (Baker) is a study of nine Old Testament passages that give the church a biblical pattern for revival. If ever there was a time when God's people needed new life in the Spirit, it is now, and Ortlund points the way. Here is biblical theology applied to human needs with insight and compassion.

For the past twenty years, Erwin W. Lutzer has been Senior Minister at the Moody Church in Chicago where his messages have gone forth with power. A student of modern culture as well as the ancient Scriptures, Lutzer knows how to put the two together to awaken people to their need for truth and salvation. Ten Lies About God (Word) exposes the fuzzy thinking of people who are in the church as well as outside. It announces boldly what God thinks of today's "enlightenment." Faithfully using the sword of the Spirit, Lutzer cuts through the fog of unbelief and shallow religion and makes Jesus Christ and His gospel pre-eminent. The book not only speaks to God's people but also challenges thinking unbelievers.

Gregg Laurie, Senior Pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA, is an anointed preacher of the Word and a gifted writer. He knows how to communicate spiritual truth so that people not only understand it but want to obey it. Every Day With Jesus (Harvest House) contains meaty material to cover three months of your devotional time with the Lord. Laurie focuses on the Christ of Philippians 2:3-14 and deals with who Jesus is, what it means to be His disciple, and how to persevere in the Christian walk. If you're searching for a fresh breeze for your devotional time, this book may be the answer.

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