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At some point, you might be interested in preaching a series on the Miracles of Christ. If so, here are a few books on our shelves that might be helpful.

All the Miracles of the Bible, Herbert Lockyer, Zondervan Publishing.

The Miracles of Jesus, Leslie B. Flynn, Victor Books. Augustine said, "Miracles have a tongue of their own...letters which we must seek to read and understand." This book will give you a greater appreciation for God's omnipotence.

Living Words and Loving Deeds, Dr. Stephen F. Olford, Baker Books. Messages on Christ's Claims and Miracles in the Gospel of John.

The Touch of the Master's Hand, Charles Allen, Revell. Chapter titles include: Jesus Was No Frowning Saint, Healing May Come through Forgiveness, Must Christ Be Physically Present to Heal? Four Steps to Faith, The Touch That Heals and others. A total of 22 miracles are covered in this book.

The Miracles of Our Lord, Charles C. Ryrie, Loizeaux Brothers. Ryrie explores 35 recorded miracles of Jesus.

The Great Physician, The Method of Jesus with Individuals, G. Campbell Morgan, Revell. A book that covers more than just the miracles. One you need in your library to enrich your appreciation and understand of how Jesus dealt with people. The message is for all who have the task of curing souls, and for all who seek healing in body, mind, or soul.


coverExegetical Fallacies, Second Edition, D. A. Carson, Baker. David Olford writes, 'The given much preventive medicine in this book...Avoiding 'fallacies,' obvious and subtle, should result in the building up of exegetical skills, and that is the positive role of this book.'

Interpreting Galatians, Second Edition, Explorations in Exegetical Method, Moises Silva, Baker. Packed with wisdom and seasoned with sound advice. Silva shows how to interpret the text using Galatians as a case study.

Calvin: Origins and Development of His Religious Thought, Francois Wendel, Translated by Philip Mairet, Baker. Calvin's life and thought are summarized in relation to the political and intellectual currents during the time of the Reformation.

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