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Sermon Outline :: IT IS FINISHED

This is the final two outlines from Michael Catt's sermon series on the Cross. Tapes can be purchased from Sherwood Baptist Church @ 229-883-1910 or go to

John 19:30


  1. The Sacrifice was Acceptable

    J. Oswald Sanders - "The sacrifice of an irrational animal could never make satisfactory atonement for the sin of a rational being." His finished work provides for us:

    1. Justification.
    2. Sanctification.
    3. Glorification.

  2. The Scriptures were Satisfied
    Luke 22:44-47; Romans 8:3

    The great word of the gospel is not "Do" - it is "DONE".

  3. His Sufferings were Over


  4. The Devil was Defeated
    Hebrews 2:14; John 12:31; Col. 2:14

    Stephen Olford, "Never did the devil fight harder, but never was he more convincingly defeated."

  5. The Door is Open for You
    C.S. Lewis, "A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said wouldn't be a great moral teacher. He'd either be a lunatic...or else he'd be the devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse."

    Lehman Strauss, "All is finished that needs to be finished to complete God's plan of salvation. Nothing can be added to the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of you have attended church for years, depending on your religion, ritual or the recitation of a prayer, the 10 commandments or the Golden Rule. But none of these has ever saved your soul. You must receive the Savior and trust His finished word for salvation. You can do absolutely nothing to save yourself simply because Christ has already done all that God requires for your salvation. So, why not receive Christ at once! Stop trying and trust."


Luke 23:44-49

  1. He Cries, "Father": Psalm 31:5; John 1:12, 13
  2. "Into Your Hands": Matthew 17-22; Acts 2:23
  3. "I Commit": John 10:17, 18; Psalm 16:8-10; John l0:27-29
  4. "My Spirit": John 19:30

    The Lord's Supper:
    As you Prepare to take the Supper - Remember . . .

    1. ...when you were first saved. Has your love for Him grown, stayed the same, o or have you left your first love? BE HONEST!
    2. you reflect on the grace of God during this Easter Season. Are you living a life of gratitude or a life of assuming on grace?
    3. Have you personally committed yourself, body, soul and spirit, to Christ? Is He the Lord of your life?
    4. Thank Him that you can call Him Father, because you've been adopted into the family of God.

    The Lord's Supper is not to be observed as a ritual, or to gain favor with God. It is a time of remembrance, reflection and renewal for believers. It is important that you take these moments and meditate on God's goodness, love, grace and forgiveness. These moments should never be taken lightly or as an addendum to a service. This is an act of worship. It symbolizes the great and awful price paid for our salvation.

    Please take time to read 1 Corinthians 11:23-29. God takes this observance seriously, so should we.

(from Sermon Outlines by W. H. Griffith Thomas. ©1947 by Eerdmans Publishing.)


MATTHEW 14:l8-"Bring them hither to Me."
MATTHEW 17:17-"Bring him hither to Me."

CHRISTIANITY may be defined as the full contact of the soul and Christ. Look at it now as illustrated by two episodes: (1) The disciples face to face with a great work; (2) the disciples face to face with a great failure. When we are confronted with either opportunity or failure, Christ says: "Bring . . . to Me."

  1. Our Opportunities
    1. The Great Need - The People
      1. Hunger and fatigue - want and weakness
      2. No supply at hand
    2. The Small Store - The Disciples
      1. Limited
      2. Insufficient
    3. The Full Supply - The Master
      1. Brought
      2. Blessed

    N.B. - The secret of today in the means of today for the task of today is that service is not measured by our ability but by His power.

  2. Our Failures
    1. The World - The Father and the Multitude
      1. Disappointed
      2. Distressed
    2. The Church - The Disciples
      1. Utter failure - no need for it
      2. Unwarranted faithlessness - no right to it
    3. The Master
      1. Overruling
      2. Explaining

    N.B. - The task of today is great; the means of today are ample; the secret of today is faithfulness.


    1. Christianity does not give inherent ability.
    2. But it does ask for maintained dependence - the secret of salvation first, and then of holiness and power. This is the great safeguard against all danger.

      I take, He undertakes
      I have faith, He is faithful
      I trust, He is trustworthy

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