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Eutychus :: Be Ye Vulnerable, Warren Wiersbe

Our pastor is leading our church into new levels of intimacy, bond building, and self-disclosure. He has even begun to share his own struggles from the pulpit. But only to a point. "I'll confess my sins, but not my faults," he admitted.

Other staff members are catching the vision, too. In fact, the youth pastor has become so transparent I haven't seen him in weeks.

The real test came for me when I was asked to lead our home Bible-study group into new depths of sharing and intimacy. I was reluctant, but was willing to take the risk. I explained to our group that our assignment was to become intimate through honest confession.

It was up to me to get the ball rolling. What did I have to lose, besides my reputation? I cleared my throat and began. "I've never cleaned behind our refrigerator. My cholesterol is over 240. I rarely floss my teeth. I routinely sneak 12 items through the 10-items-or-less checkout line."

The group gasped in shock. Then an embarrassed hush fell over the room. The silence was crushing, but I went on. "I bring my own popcorn into movie theatres."

"Are the 'No Food Allowed' signs clearly posted?" somebody asked.

I hung my head and said, "Yes."

When I was done, everyone stared humbly at the floor. I, however, was quite pleased at my mastery of becoming vulnerable.

Written by Warren W. Wiersbe
Used by permission. Not to be reprinted.

Author:Warren Wiersbe

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