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For Greek Students or those interested in knowing more about the background behind the Greek words used in the Scriptures, let me recommend a few out of print resources. You'll be able to find them on a used book site and they are worth the money and the effort.

  Key Words in the Teaching of Jesus, A. T. Robertson, Baker. In seven chapters, Robertson gives rich exposition on subjects like, God the Father, The Son, Sin, The Kingdom, Righteousness, The Holy Spirit and The Future Life.
  Great Truths to Live by from the Greek New Testament, Untranslatable Riches from the Greek New Testament; Bypaths in the Greek New Testament; Prophetic Light in the Present Darkness -all four small books by Kenneth S. Wuest, Eerdmans. These books contain rich studies that can be used for personal edification or for deeper study with your people.
Key Words Of The Christian Life

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