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Quote :: What we entrust to God

“What we entrust to God, we cannot lose; what we hold for ourselves, we cannot keep.”

“The great advantage about telling the truth is that nobody ever believes it.” –Dorothy L. Sayers

“If truth-telling springs from love, it will not only pain those who hear it, it will pain those who speak it. If telling the truth is fun, it probably doesn’t come from love. Jeremiah told the truth and was called the “weeping prophet.” --Philip Gulley

“[When] I was young, I tended to believe that certain principles were true because they were in the Bible. But year by year, as I have read much of the social research, I have come to look at this a new way—that certain principles are in the Bible because they are true. They are true and helpful for all people, regardless of whether they accept or reject the Bible’s central claim.” --Tom Minnery

“Speaking the truth is the most significant political action available to any of us—not voting, but speaking the truth. This view is based on the familiar Biblical notion that the Word is central. The Word is the truth; the expression of the truth by human lips moves culture and history toward the government of God. There is no higher form of political action, nor is there one that can contribute more to the wholeness of the human community.” –John K. Stoner

“Nothing makes a man so virtuous as belief of the truth. A lying doctrine will soon beget a lying practice. A man cannot have an erroneous belief without by-and-by having an erroneous life. I believe the one thing begets the other.” --C. H. Spurgeon

“Distortion will always lead to dysfunction, while truth will always lead to triumph.” --Joseph M. Stowell

“Beware of half-truths; you may have hold of the wrong half.”


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