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Sermon Outline :: Principles of Victorious Living

 by Pastor Michael Catt (Part 1 & 2 from the series, Principles of Victorious Living)

Not I But Christ
Show Me Your Glory

Exodus 33; Mark 9

Tom Elliff, “Those who do not genuinely meet with God are easily impressed by others who have never met with him either. For these people a worship service is judged by its appeal to the sensual side of their nature.”

I. The Evidences of God's Presence.

A. Spiritual appetite.

B. Spiritual advancement.

C. Spirit filled worship.

D. Spiritual purpose.

E. Sanctified passions.

II. Expressions of God's Presence.

A. Surrender to Lordship.

B. A changed countenance.

C. Open doors of opportunity.


III. The Exhileration of God's Presence.


Not I But Christ
Galatians 2:20

I. For Me, to Live is Christ.

Six Stages of the Life that Wins

1. Awareness
2. Agony
3. Abandonment
4. Appropriation
5. Abiding
6. Abundant Life

II. To Die is Gain.

A. The problem of our up and down existence.
B. We struggle with one or two areas where the devil seems to always trip us up.
C. We buy the lie that some have more of the Spirit than we do.

III. I am in Christ, Christ is in Me.

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