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Quote :: Christmas

"Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only gift is a portion of thyself."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

"It would be criticize...the waste, the trash, the sad attempt to buy affection in a splash of wild extravagance. Yet, for all of that, this is a genuine time of family fun; a day when games are played together, books are read and puzzles are puazzled, a meal is eaten family-style, smiles and kisses are in plentiful supply; a day when memories are brought forth, dusted off, and handed round... May I find in moments such as these an echo of those "tidings of great joy"? I wonder, would the Christ-child, if he sat beneath our sparkling tree, condemn as crass and empty all he saw? Or might he laugh and cheer and clap his sticky hands with glee to see his miracle take place again and life become abundant shared in love?"
--J. Barrie Shepherd

"Jesus is not to us as Christmas is to the world, here today and gone tomorrow."
--Rick Mylander

"If often think: "A life is like a day; it goes by so fast. If I am so careless with my days, how can I be careful with my life?" I know that somehow I have not fully come to believe that urgent things can wait while I attend to what is truly important. It finally boils down to a question of deep and strong conviction. Once I am truly convinced that preparing the heart is more important than preparing the Christmas tree I will be a lot less frustrated at the end of the day."
--Henri J. M. Nouwen

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."
--Roy L. Smith

"The innkeeper who gave Mary and Joseph a Christmas Eve cave should be a holiday model for Christians as they celebrate the birth of the Messiah. That's because that Middle Eastern Howward Johnson had the simple consideration to think beyond the "no" that could have easily been his complete conversation with the visiting strangers who came to his door. In contrast, many Christians who honor the child born that night say no all the time to strangers during the very time of year when they should be opening their doors to the lonely, forgotten, and alienated."
--James Breig

"Infinite, and an infant. Eternal, and yet born of a woman. Almighty, and yet hanging on a woman's breast. Supporting a universe, and yet needing to be carried in a mother's arms. King of angels, and yet the reputed son of Joseph. Heir of all things, and yet the carpenter's despised son."
--C. H. Spurgeon

"Christmas has absolutely destroyed [the real] understanding of the Good News. It's trained people to believe that Christianity is fundamentally about giving and receiving and that our happiness is in giving and getting what we want. But, in fact, the best Christmases are often the ones in which one doesn't get what one wants."
--Stanley Hauerwas

"To avoid offending anybody, the schools dropped religion altogether and started singing about the weather. At my son's school, they now hold the winter program in February and sing increasingly nonmemorable songs such as "Winter Wonderland," "Frosty the Snowman" and -- this is a real song -- "Suzy Snowflake," all of which is pretty funny because we live in Miami. A visitor from another planet would assume that the children belonged to the Church of Meterology."
--Dave Barry

"What is supposed to be a time of peace and good will becomes, for some, a time when the reality of human greed and folly and cruelty mocks the lovely sentiments of the season. But I'm not sure anyone can experience what Christmas really means without confronting that sense of lost innocence and the potential for disillusionment the holiday can bring. Only after we truly face up to Christmas without Santa can we as adults begin to grapple with what Christmas is all about...God's gift of ultimate hope that our human destiny is something more than a brie, doomed moment in "the benign indifference of the universe.""
--Jerry Shin

"To perceive Christmas through its wrappings becomes more difficult with every year."
--E. B. White

"The Christ-child lay on Mary's lap,
His hair was like a light.
(O weary, weary is the world,
But here is all alright.)

The Christ-child lay on Mary's breast,
His hair was like a star.
(O stern and cunning are the kings,
But here the true hearts are.)

The Christ-child lay on Mary's heart,
His hair was like a fire.
(O weary, weary is the world, 
But here the world's desire.)

The Christ-child stood on Mary's knee,
His hair was like a crown.
And all the flowers looked up at Him,
And all the stars looked down."
--G. K. Chesterton


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