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Front Page :: Volume 07, Issue 12

The Autumn Agenda
by Warren Wiersbe

We need to be thinking and praying about the fall preaching agenda. Vacations will have ended, children will be back in school, and we're asking the Lord to give His people a fresh and powerful new beginning.

Have you ever done a series about some of the so-called "minor characters" in the Bible whose service was greatly used of God? Barnabas helped Paul get a good start, Timothy was a great helper, Epaphroditus risked his life to minister to Paul (and so did Priscilla and Aquila), Phoebe carried the Episitle to Rome, and Titus obeyed Paul and stayed in Crete, a hard place ot serve. That's only the beginning!

Check the Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias and get acquainted with these saints, and then look for these titles: The Companions of St. Paul, by John S. Howson; The Pauline Circle, by F. F. Bruce (Eerdmans); and Personalities Around Paul, by D. Edmund Hiebert (Moody Press). The books on Paul's live will also help you. If you really want to work hard, deal with some of the unnamed people in Paul's life, such as his nephew who saved his life (Acts 23:12-22).

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