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Are You Wired? :: Michael Catt

Recently in USA Today, Christina Crapanzano wrote an article entitled, "New hazard: Driving while wired." The article focused on how state lawmakers are trying to ban drivers from using so many electronic devices while they are driving.
How safe can it be to have a DVD screen where the driver can watch a movie at 70 mph? How smart is it to manuveur your mouse on the  computer while maneuvering through traffic?
Drivers are now wired for sight and sound as never before. What happened to the good old days of the car sitting next to you with 3000 watts of power from the subwoofer in the trunk. Oh, for the  days of just having noise. Now we have to deal with some taxi driver trying to reinact the chase scene in "The Italian Job."
Okay, they may be good to entertain the kids during one of those all-night drives. But do drivers really need any more distractions? Do we need Xbox, PlayStation, Fax machines, computers, DVD/TV monitors and other high tech equipment? Car insurance is high enough without having accidents due to electronic devices?
Just ask yourself a question. Would you want your pilot to be playing with his Xbox as he makes his final approach into the airport?
Jesus said, "Come apart and rest a while." How about getting in your car and getting away from the stuff--just spend the time in meditation and prayer. And if you need something to pray for, pray for the guy in front of you who can't stay in his lane because he's playing with his PlayStation!
Author:Michael Catt

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