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Odds-n-Ends :: Teens and Heaven

(from LifeWay Research, September/October 2007)

Teenagers' Views on Eternity
69%     I believe heaven exists
53%     I will go to heaven because I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins
27%     I will go to heaven because I am kind to others
26%     I will go to heaven because I am religious
12%     I don't know if I will go to heaven
05%     I don't believe heaven exists
04%     I don't care if I go to heaven

Religious Activity of Teenagers
Church service attendance in last 30 days
20%     Attended a Catholic church service
08%     Attended a Southern Baptist church service
28%     Attended another type of Christian church service
04%     Attended a non-Christian religious service

Other religious activity in last 30 days
39%     Prayed regularly
23%     Participated in a church youth group social activity
14%     Read the Bible regularly
08%     Served in a leadership role in my church youth group

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