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Front Page :: Volume 07, Issue 18

An Update on Warren Wiersbe...
(Michael Catt)
This week, Warren Wiersbe and I will get to spend some time together. I cherish any time I get with him and value his insight, wisdom and disernment regarding the times in which we live. I'll be preaching in Omaha so it's just a short drive to his home. Continue to pray for Warren as he is continually engaged in writing new books that will bless all of us for years to come.
A Positive Look Ahead...
(Michael Catt) 
A few weeks ago I was preaching in several South Georgia churches. It is encouraging to go places and see a hunger for the Word. There is so much "sloppy agape" these days where all we want to talk about is our earthly relationships and we spend little time focusing on having a healthy relationship with our heavenly Father. Having preached in all kinds of settings, there is no setting I enjoy more than sharing the Word with fellow pastors and church leaders. I am sensing a great hunger among these leaders for a return to the "once for all delivered to the saints" type of faith. Many are weary of all the "me church", self-centered, self-absorbed emphasis in the church today. We need the prophetic word more than ever.

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