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PARADISE is a journey to awaken students from every part of the body of Christ to the supremacy of God’s Son, to call them to adore Him as King, and to inspire them to arise to bravely join Him in accelerating His kingdom purposes for this generation, converging in a national worship gathering on May 25, 2008,convened at the geographic center of the nation.

Date: Sunday, May 25, 2008 (Memorial Day weekend)
Location: Paradise, Kansas

A Vision
- Thousands of college and high school students will spend 2007–08 on a spiritual journey, awakening them to the supreme majesty of Christ the King and preparing them to gather before Him.
- Thousands of sacred pilgrimages that began in students’ private and small-group experiences of worship during the previous months will become sacred pilgrimages involving travel. From every point on the map the students will converge at the geographic center of the nation. 
- As they arrive, they will find a grassy field extending one mile in each direction.
- In the center of that field will stand the foundation for a throne. The foundation will be immense in size and regal in appearance. Circling it will be a multitude of students.
- With Christ the King as their sole focus, students will sing and proclaim praise to Him; they will hear His audible “voice” speaking Scripture into their lives; they will pray with others; and they will pray alone in silence before their King. They will ask for personal and national cleansing, and many will receive from Him specific callings on their lives.
- No artist or speaker will appear. With no human distractions the students and their leaders will worship Christ with a purity and passion they may never have known before. Most will depart never to be the same.

1. The laser focus of PARADISE is on the supreme majesty of God’s Son, on who He is and what His reign is all about right now as He rules from God’s right hand. Student ministry writings, talks, and events too seldom focus on the supreme majesty of Christ. Thus, inadvertently, students are learning to see the Lord Jesus primarily as their buddy who helps them get through their hard times. Imagine what might happen if an entire generation were truly to see Him high and lifted up, to see and follow Him for all that He is as their King. That's the vision of PARADISE.

2. PARADISE involves months of helping students pursue a quest to discover individually and together more of who Christ is and more of what His supreme majesty is all about. The goal is to provide a journey over these next few months that will prepare them for the gathering on May 25. For example, this journey leads students to move through 28 morning devotionals on this theme. As additional preparation for May 25, ministry leaders receive resources to facilitate four student rallies/meetings focused on the supreme majesty of God’s Son.

3. The PARADISE journey offers interactive, digital communications that allow students and leaders to personalize and help shape the journey and the gathering. When students walk onto the worship field in May, they will know that much they are about to experience was molded directly by members of their generation.

4. These days God (god) can be a turnip, a New Age mantra, or the force behind jihad. How can believers call the nation to repent and return to the God of the Bible if most know little about His character, His ways, and His kingdom? PARADISE will rivet their eyes on the Son, the clear revelation of who God is. Reporters may ask PARADISE students, “We understand why during Woodstock students would drive clear across the nation to hear Jimmy Hendrix or Janis Joplin. But the ‘stage’ here is empty. Whom did you drive so far to see?” And the students will, with voices filling the airways, point listeners to the magnificence of God's Son!

5. The PARADISE gathering on May 25 will provide a creative environment of pure and undistracted worship. Retail, marketing, and making people more famous will not be part of May 25. This one day could demonstrate the power and wonder of purely Christ-focused worship in such a way that it might lead gatekeepers across the land to rethink their own worship events back home. PARADISE might mark the day that corporate worship begins to take a whole new direction in the church and among students especially.

Only Christ the King can empower students to return home changed. He will determine how they will live out commitments made while standing in His presence. Even so, some leaders already have begun to imagine possibilities such as these:

• Students returning to almost every community in the United States might be agents of renewal used of God to spark a Christ-awakening, first in the church and then in the land. Of course, sovereign God alone will determine how and when He will move.

• Students and their leaders, returning with both the passion and the strategy to introduce a generation to Christ, could be used of God to see a historic harvest of new believers.

• Some of those same students might present the gospel in an understandable way to the last unreached people groups on Earth.

Purity of Administration
PARADISE® is a 501c3 organization without ties to any denomination or group. Even if the King should assemble an epochal number of students before Him, no group will have bragging rights in the days that follow.

The policies in the constitution of the corporation require that:
- Only one name will be announced at PARADISE—the name above every name.
- Nothing will be sold before, during, or after PARADISE.
- No cause, ministry, or product will be promoted at PARADISE.
- Registration fees will be used for no other purpose than to cover the actual costs of the gathering. Any remaining funds will be sent back to the groups who attended.
- Then the corporation will cease to exist.

Those wanting more information about the PARADISE journey and gathering are invited to these sites:

Primary sites:
Advocates for PARADISE:
To join the prayer team:   

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