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Front Page :: Volume 08, Issue 13

Insights and Sidelights
Warren Wiersbe
"When all my attempts at exposition and exegesis are alike baffled, I worship." (G. Campbell Morgan)
As God's servants, we like to know all the answers and be able to explaina ll the tough verses, but often we find ourselves unable to do so. We don't like to say, "I'm sorry, I don't know." It gives the impression that we learned nothing in school and really can't be trusted as spiritual advisors. In his day, Morgan (1863-1945) attracted great crowds who wanted to study the Word of God, and his books are read today by students who love the Word. But as gifted as he was, Morgan admitted that he still had much to learn from Scripture--and so do we!
Romans 9, 10 and 11 are perhaps three of the most difficult chapters in all of Paul's writings, and he ends them with worship and praise (11:33-36)! The apostle didn't fully explain election and predestination, but told us only what the Lord wanted us to know. When a passage of Scripture baffles us, let's pause to worship and acknowledge God's greatness and our own emptiness. After all, Christians don't live on explanations; they live on promises. We don't walk by sight; we walk by faith. Let's keep seeking answers, but better than finding answers to questions is worshiping the God of all truth. Read Deut. 29:29--and worship.

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