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Sermon Outline :: Be Strong and Take Courage

by Michael Catt
(from the Leap of Faith series)
Joshua 1
"Even some of the bravest men, although fully prepared beforehand, either stand still or hesitate when the thing needs to be done." - John Calvin
"He deals with nations according to their actions and acts in judgment only when a nation's cup of iniquity reaches its full measure." - J. Oswald Sanders
From history and archaeology we know several facts about the Canaanites:
1) They were perverse.
2) Sexual immorality was a part of their worship
3) Child sacrifice was a part of their culture.
4) They were the inventors of pornography.
5) They worshiped demons.
"It is still sound surgery to amputate the gangrenous limb. It may be harsh treatment, but it has to be done to save the life. If it is sound surgery to amputate a corrupted limb, it is only right for God to cut off a corrupted nation in the interests of society." - Dr. Rendle Short
Two thoughts here:
1) If we want to walk in victory, we have to view sin the way God views it.
2) If we're going to live in this country, we cannot ignor the impact of the culture on our homes, churches, and families.
Some things we need to understand before we go any further:
- Canaan is not without battles.
- You can't walk in victory if "good enough" is all you want.
- To live in victory requires strong and courageous believers who obey God without hesitation.
- The life of victory is not "a miracle a day keeps the devil away."
- The live of victory is not what you hear on most religious television.
- It is finding out who you are and why you are here.
- It is moving from existing to abounding.
J. Oswald Sanders gives five characteristics of the illegitimate wilderness experience in Promised Land Living:
1) Restlessness
2) Discontent
3) Fruitlessness
4) Negativity
5) Vacillation
Joshua was commanded to be strong because of the promise of the land.
Joshua was commanded to be strong because of the power of the Word.
Joshua was commanded to be strong because of the promised presence of the Lord.
I. The Promise God Gives Him (vv 3, 5)
II. The Promise Comes With a Plan (v 8)
III. The Plan Is Backed by His Presence
Author:Michael Catt
Category:Sermon Outlines
Issue:Volume 11 :: Issue 04

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