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Quote :: Revival

"At Waterloo, the English troops obeying orders fell on their faces for a time and let the hot fire of the French artillery pass over them. Then they sprang to their feet and rushed to the thickest of the fight and beat back their foes. The Lord wants His people flat on their faces before they attempt to meet the great crises of life."
-- A. T. Pierson

"I believe that tonight the world is going to hell fire because the church has lost Holy Ghost fire."
-- Leonard Ravenhill

"Only God can take out of your heart the bad temper, pride, malice, revenge, love of the world, and all other evil things that have taken possession of it and fill it with holy love and peace. To God you must look, to God you must go. This is the work of the Holy Spirit: He is the purifying fire; He is the cleansing flame." 
-- William Booth

"Why does the church stay indoors? They have a theology that has dwindled into philosophy, in which there is no thrill of faith, no terror of doom and no concern for souls. Unbelief has put out the fires of passion, and worldliness garlands the altar of sacrifice with the tawdry glitter of unreality. The Holy Ghost cannot conquer the world with unbelief, nor can He save the world with a worldly church. He calls for a crusade, a campaign, and an adventure of saving passion. For this enterprise He wants a separated, sanctified and sacrificial people."
-- Samuel Chadwick

"In Babylon they say, 'Come, let us build.' They don't need to consult God about such matters. They could build the gateway to heaven themselves! False religion does not depend helplessly on God for its every need. They may pray. All religions have prayer, but it will be meaningless prayer. The prophets of Baal prayed for hours on Mount Carmel, but nothing happened. Elijah prayed for one minute and the fire of God fell from heaven! Some of us may glory in hours spent in prayer. That may be good. Jesus spent all night in prayer too. But prayer has value only if it is an expression of our helpless dependence on God for His guidance and help. Babylonians however do not need to seek God's will, for they depend on human cleverness."
-- Zac Poonen

"We have divine resources, why should we depend upon human? One of the most evident effects of the work of fire is purification. Holy fire is the only protection against wild fire and fanaticism. Holy fire is the only insurance against hell fire."
-- Rev. Seth Cook Rees
Issue:Volume 12 :: Issue 01

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