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How Much Is Your Bible Worth? :: Warren Wiersbe

Read Psalm 119:72, 127, 162; Joshua 7

Don’t misunderstand the question. It isn’t How much did your Bible cost? because that is not important. The question is How much is your Bible worth? Because the way you value God’s Word pretty much reveals the kind of Christian you really are.

The psalmist valued God’s Word above gold and silver, and even above the rich spoils of war. (By the way, there’s a suggestion in Ps 119:162 that we must battle before we can claim the spoils of God’s Word. Bible study demands the courage and discipline of a soldier!) The psalmist would rather discover the treasures of God’s Word than the treasures of kings.

It is really too bad that Achan did not have this same attitude. Unfortunately he preferred
material treasures to spiritual treasures. He decided to have the ungodly spoils of war instead of the holy words of the Lord. The result was disastrous both for him and his nation.

Note in Joshua 8:2 that god permitted Israel to take the spoils from Ai! Had Achan valued God’s Word above the spoil and waited another day, he would have enjoyed all the riches his tent could hold! Reminds you of Matthew 6:33, doesn’t it?

It is in the everyday decisions of a man’s life that he discovers the true values of his Christian life. The man who lies or cheats to make himself a success, instead of obeying the Word and trusting the Lord, clearly proves what his values are. He values money above God’s Word.

How much is
your Bible worth?

(Copyright, Warren W. Wiersbe. First appeared in 
Thoughts for Men on the Move. May not be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the author.)

Author:Warren Wiersbe
Issue:Volume 12 :: Issue 07

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