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God Is Still Seeking :: Warren Wiersbe

Read John 4:19-26

God is not only seeking fruit in the lives of His children, but He is also seeking true worshipers.

We commonly think of worship in terms of stained-glass windows, choirs,and an order of service, but Jesus said nothing about these things. To Him, the most important factor was the condition of the heart, not the location or the position of the body. Worship is that adoring attitude of reverence that is lost in the glory and wonder of what God is. It is not simply thanking God for what He has done; it is praising Him for who He is. It is Job confessing that he is vile and unable to speak to God (Job 40:1-5). It is John beholding Christ's beauty and glory and falling dead at His feet (Rev. 1:9-17). Yes, and it is that little child taken up in His arms to receive His love and His blessing.

God is seeking true worshipers, believers who worship Him in spirit and in truth. Worship can be counterfeited by the flesh, but it will not be true worship. Fellowship with God that demands architecture to look at, great choirs to listen to, and incense to smell, is far below the kind of worship that God seeks. Only the indwelling Holy Spirit can lead us into true worship.

It must be in truth. This means a clean heart, a heart resting up on the truths of the Word of God. God is not seeking ignorant worship! HE wants our hearts and minds filled with the words and truths of His Word. The more we learn about God from His Word, the deeper our worship will be.

God is seeking worshipers because worship ultimately leads to service. It cannot be a selfish thing! The true worshiper must eventually say, as Isaiah did, "Here am I, send me."
(Copyright, Warren W. Wiersbe. First appeared in Thoughts for Men on the Move. May not be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the author.)  
Author:Warren Wiersbe
Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 01

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