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Odds-n-Ends :: Performing or Ministering?

A performer rehearses and worries about the results -- a minister rehearses and prays about the results.

A performer's first thought is to impress his audience -- a minister's first thought is to reach his audience.

A performer will make sacrifices for the good of his career -- a minister will make sacrifices to further his ministry.

A performer's motto is: "The show must go on!" -- a minister's motto is: "God's truth must get through."

A performer will love performing because it puts him in the limelight -- a minister will love performing because he can direct the limelight on the Savior.

A performer's greatest rewards come from men -- a minister's greatest rewards come from God.

Realizing the truth of all the above, ask yourself the question: Why do secular performers so often seem more cooperative, willing to sacrifice, excited about their performance and its results, and eager to do whatever it takes to be successful than we who together have the greater calling to minister?

Aspire to ministry. And once you've consciously made that decision, minister with your whole heart.

- Author Unknown
Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 05

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