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Sermon Outline :: An Ideal Mother

Luke 2:15

We have here depicted before us the actions and reactions of a true mother in the face of a problem.

I. A Mother in Sorrow
     Who can fathom the tears, the sorrow and prayers of worried and broken-hearted mothers! The very nature of their position in life means tears, trouble, and heartache.

II. A Mother Burdened About Her Boy
     This is also a picture true to life. What mother ever reared a son without anxious moments for his well being!

III. A Mother Whose Son Was "Lost"
     Jesus the boy was lost. He was not in the company. They had gone a day's journey without him. Mothers in this age should sorrow over lost sons.

IV. A Mother Baffled at Her Son's Retort
     To raise a child is to feel at times that we do not understand him, and to feel helpless in the face of the "mystery" of the working of his mind. Spiritual growth and development is always mysterious.

V. A Mother of Great Wisdom
     Every worthy mother has a place to "keep" secrets. In "her heart." That is, she did not scatter abroad her misgivings to neighbors or friends, but kept her own counsel.

VI. A Mother of Meditation
     This mother had time to pray for her boy. She had time to "ponder" life's big questions and live close to her son.

VII. A Mother Who Was a Success
     "Jesus increased in wisdom and in favor with God and man."

(Author unknown)
Category:Sermon Outlines
Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 08

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