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Still More Sacrifices :: Warren Wiersbe

Read Hebrew 13:15-16; Philippians 4:14-18

God looks for the sacrifices of praise. How easy it is for us to complain! How difficult it is to praise the Lord and think Him for His mercies! "O that men would praise the Lord for His goodness!" exclaimed the psalmist. Continual praise means a continual walk with the Lord, being alert to every blessing that He sends. Whether we are singing, testifying, or just thanking Him, our words are sacrifices on the altar, accepted by our High Priest.

Paul looked upon the church's missionary offering as a sacrifice given, not to him, but to the Lord. How careless we are with tithes and offerings. Money represents a part of our lives, the labor we have expended; it ought to be precious to us to give part of it to the Lord. Many believers just "drop something in the offering plate," and their actions are not really spiritual worship.

"Ye brought that which was torn, and the lame, and the sick; thus ye brought an offering: should I accept this of your hand?" the prophet Malachi asked the priests of his day (Mal 1:13). Imagine the priests of God keeping the best for themselves and bringing castaways and rejects to the Lord! Unfortunately, some of God's priests do this very thing today. Is it any wonder they miss God's best blessings?

Let's be faithful priests and bring the best to Him.

(Copyright, Warren W. Wiersbe. First appeared in Thoughts for Men on the Move. May not be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the author.)  
Author:Warren Wiersbe
Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 10

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