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Quote :: Ron Dunn

from Don't Just Stand There, Pray Something
by Ron Dunn

Every petition is formed within the context of three provisions: the will of God, the name of Jesus, and the glory of God. (p. 54)

As believers we are the objects of organized assaults by unseen forces, a hierarchy of invisible powers in rebellion against God. (p. 63)

In a sense the primary target in intercession is not the person or the problem; rather, it is the power behind it. We must break the habit of taking the visible part for the whole. (p. 64)

Prayer is the warfare. It is the battlefield upon which the spiritual war is waged. The battle is won or lost here. (p. 68)

The church could win more battles in the valley if it had more intercessors on the mountain lifting high the rod of God, the name of Jesus. (p. 69)

Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 10

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