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Quote :: Ron Dunn

from Don't Just Stand There, Pray Something
by Ron Dunn

Only desperate men and women, propelled by a sense of urgency, truly intercede. Battles are not won by the nonchalant. (p. 78)

Unconcern always finds an excuse, deep concern always finds a way. (p. 79)

Maybe God planted you where you are because He knew a friend in his journey would pass your way…this person is your inescapable responsibility. (p. 81)

Intercession is not petition. Intercession is position. It is not something we do—it is something we are. (p. 85)

The preeminent requirement for intercession is the willingness to identify with the one in need, the readiness to take his burden. (p. 88)

Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 11

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