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Quote :: Michael Catt

Selection of quotes from Michael Catt:
“We see a crowd; Jesus sees individuals.”
“We need a conversion that gets us out of the world, and we need one that gets us out of the church and into the world.”
“We set and sour while we are called to save.”
“God is not reluctant; man is resistant.” 
“The deep things of God are Jesus Christ; there is nothing deeper.”
“We need to be willing to be the answer to our own prayers.  Often, the answer is us.”
“Don’t try to mix God’s wisdom with man’s foolishness.”
“Don’t look for the ‘flavor of the month’ preachers.”
“Man is not evolving, he is devolving.” 
“Every person who gets saved puts us one person closer to the coming of Christ.”
“The gospel is unbelievable except for the fact that it is true.”
“Without the cross we have a meaningless and powerless Christianity.”
“Today, there is much acknowledging in the head without confession in the heart.”
“There are three ‘musts’ in John 3: You must be born again.  The Son of Man must be lifted up.  He must increase and I must decrease.”
“Don’t move a fence until you find out why somebody put it there.”
“If you can’t preach it in a Third World country it’s probably not the gospel.”
“Easter is one of the last remaining moments in America when people think about God.”
“On Easter Sunday, be Jesus with skin on.”
“You cannot say, ‘Thy Kingdom come,’ until you say, ‘My kingdom go.’”
“Can you sing, ‘I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back’?”
“Finish strong!”
Issue:Volume 13 :: Issue 12

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